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Discover the Wonders of the Universe

Can you make it through the maze of a spider’s web or build your own space suit? Do you want to learn how a firenado is formed or how to make sound effects for movies? Are you ready to accept your God-given mission to help others through simple acts of kindness?

Bestselling author Louie Giglio invites kids ages 6-10 on a faith-fortifying journey of exploration and discovery! Kids will learn about God and His incredible creation while becoming junior scientists with this fun, fact-filled activity book that includes over 150 popular activities including:

1. Mazes, puzzles, riddles, and logic games
2. Word searches, crosswords, coloring pages, and drawing prompts
3. STEM projects and simple science projects
4. Creative ideas for helping your community and people around the world

Combining interactive activities with biblical truths and scientific facts, the Indescribable Activity Book for Kids is the perfect antidote for boredom at home, a fun diversion on car rides, and a healthy alternative to screen time.

Indescribable Activity Book For Kids

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